Our Model



At every stage of our work we are committed to evolving activities, programs and initiatives in our three core areas – learning, venturing and exchanging.

  1. Learning 
    We create programs that are experiential, interdisciplinary and collaborative for students to research and develop groundbreaking ideas. We generate opportunities for the brightest minds to develop these extraordinary ideas into reality through access to support from industry partners.
  2. Venturing 
    We establish a supportive environment for startups to test and validate new business models. We offer a venture incubation program, access to co-working space, mentors, professional and advisory services, a peer network, calendar of community events and introductions to investors.
  3. Exchanging 
    We create a collaborative community and connect students and startups to our partner organisations across business, government and civil society. Students work with partners to research, develop and test solutions to real world challenges, and startups work with partners to build and validate promising solutions.

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