Solution Space Community

A collaborative space to meet, engage and work together


The Solution Space is a home for entrepreneurs, creatives, innovators, professionals, advisors, investors, students, executives, entrepreneurs, leaders, researchers and disrupters. Our community is built around one shared purpose - working together to see Africans enjoy greater well-being.

We believe that today's challenges demand collaboration, a belief that has shaped the way in which the Solution Space is structured. From our programs to our partner organisations, our focus is to bring together people from diverse backgrounds. This allows us to bring a range of perspectives and skill-sets to any challenge - always finding and building the best solution possible.

In line with this collaborative mindset, the networks, resources and knowledge that make up the Solution Space exist to see students and start-ups connect with each other as well as the people they need to succeed. Our collaborative co-working space, online platform, networking events and constant ambition to connect individuals with each other, is driven by our desire to advance our vibrant community.



Our advisors and mentors provide our start-ups and students with guidance, expertise and alternative perspectives. We have created structured and flexible opportunities for professionals and experienced entrepreneurs to engage and join our growing community.


Our partner organisations provide our startups and students with resources, tools and expertise. Commitments from our partners allow us to nurture and equip changemakers of tomorrow and work together towards a better future. Our collaborative activities include exchange of speakers, faculty and experts; expert advising consultations via office hours or specialist clinics; in-kind contribution and access to existing tools and resources or the joint creation of new materials and resources.

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