The twelve-week MBA elective course forms part of the innovation and entrepreneurship stream. The modules of the VE follow the core MBA course in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship with the key outcomes of supporting entrepreneurs build scalable and investable companies with a global potential while creating a talent pipeline.


In the Venture Exploitation course, entrepreneurs will be able to exploit a venture opportunity and to start a business. The course is based on practical steps of exploiting an empirically verified venture opportunity. A blend of teaching methods including lectures, exercises and presentations, project work and group discussions will be used for the course. The course examination is based on the execution of a real business idea in teams of 2-5 persons.


Week 1: Brand Building
Week 2: Initiate minimum viable pipeline (MVP)
Week 3: Traction: Value building processes
Week 4: Venture Capital (VC) Pitch
Week 5: Traction
Week 6: Board of Directors Development
Week 7: Venture Capital (VC) Pitch
Week 8: Traction
Week 9: Traction
Week 10: Venture Capital (VC) Pitch
Week 11: Venture Capital (VC) Pitch
Week 12: Selection of Ventures to Scale

  • Product feasibility testing
  • Identify and assemble resources required to start a new venture
  • Develop critical processes and steps required to start a new venture
  • Manage challenges faced when starting a new venture
  • Conduct a market analysis
  • Conduct a financial analysis of a new venture
  • Verify and assess strategic options

The third stage is the scale-up process that includes a three-month programme with the aim to build and scale the venture into a platform business. This part can also be part of a MBA research report or case study.

This stage is also performed together with our industrial partners if that is a strategic option for the venture. Otherwise it is performed at our Waterfront or Philippi Hub depending on target market.


Mastering the venturing scale-up process. This allows you to start independent start-ups as well as work with business renewal within large corporations or as an investor/advisor to other scale-ups.


Potentially land a high impact business that actually makes a difference.
Potentially land a career together with any of our industrial partners.


For more information please contact the Course Convenor on +27(0)21 406 1428 or email