The UCT GSB Solution Space is an ecosystem for high-impact early-startups, corporate innovation, and entrepreneurship development & research.

We provide an enabling environment in which South Africa’s entrepreneurial talent can work towards building innovation-led, scalable and sustainable enterprises that have a positive impact across our country and beyond.

The Solution Space was founded in 2014 at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business. Its startup capital came from the UCT Vice Chancellor’s Strategic Award, and our founding partner, the MTN Group, has provided significant support since 2015.

Through our multi-stakeholder approach, we fuse academia, industry and local communities. Through the university, we have access to state-of-the-art research and through our Philippi Hub, we are uniquely positioned to innovate relevant and high-impact solutions and engage with local communities while facilitating corporate innovation.


MBA Innovation & Entrepreneurship Programme

A future-looking programme that focuses on innovation and the creation and scale-up of new ventures

e-Track Programme

A new-venture acceleration and a capacity building programme for high impact individuals and teams

International Immersion Programmes

Working with local and international universities to create unique customised programmes.


A series of practical workshops designed to tackle the core challenges of every business - desirability, feasability and viability.

Access high-impact individuals through the Venture Launch Programme, networking sessions and UCT/GSB ecosystem

Become part of a growing community of passionate, founders looking to build the future.

90% of all alumni business are still operating.


Our founders build viable and scalable innovation-driven companies for local, national and international community needs. Founders have access to a range of resources including co-working space, practical learning clinics, mentors, staff advisors, and a community of peers who learn and grow together.

We're located in the heart of a local community, where startups are surrounded by a network of partner organisations and other new ventures, students and community members.

We support founders that are building a sustainable Africa through solutions for Education & Skills, Health & Wellbeing, Cities & Infrastructure, Agriculture & Environment, Financial Services, Employment & Enterprise, Recreation & Leisure and Mobility & Communication.


There are currently no events scheduled. To keep up to date with our upcoming events please follow us on social media.

Book a Venue

We have multiple venues at both the Waterfront and Philippi hubs that are available to hire for meetings, conferences, launches and seminars.  We provide a full service including meals, refreshments in addition to the usual conferencey stuff like projectors, various table configurations, notepads and pens. 



Accelerating a business during the COVID-19 pandemic

Everyone knows that the global pandemic has either shut down business doors or having to adapt to the ‘new normal’. We sat down with Andrea Böhmert, Co-Managing Partner at Knife Capital to gain her perspective a little more.

Venture Acceleration

UCT GSB Solution Space, backed by MTN Group, selects 10 startups to join 12-week Venture Exploitation Programme

The e-Track Programme, launched in 2019 by the University of Cape Town, Graduate School of Business (UCT GSB) Solution Space in partnership with the MTN Group, is a three-part, venture acceleration and capacity-building programme for high-impact ventures.


Simplifying the VALUE aspect of your business

Staying focused while simplifying the value aspect of a business is one of the fundamentals. We took this opportunity to equip entrepreneurs about how to they can bring value to their customers by chatting with Ellen Fischat, the Founder of Story Room.


Taking a more selective approach to nurturing successful entrepreneurs

The launch of the new e-Track Programme at the Solution Space at UCT GSB in partnership with the MTN Group marks a step-change in the way business schools in South Africa nurture the country’s entrepreneurial talent. After rigorous selection, the successful candidates will work towards building scalable, sustainable enterprises with global impact.