MBA Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme

An entrepreneurial mindset, whether applied to creating new business ventures or innovating within an organisation, is a critical component to success in any business context. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship stream is a future-looking specialisation that focuses on innovation and the creation and scale-up of new ventures. The overall aim is to provide excellence in the entrepreneurial process – a skill that is essential for a fast-moving environment.

Focus on society’s greatest challenges from a business perspective

The world is full of opportunities to create new firms. And in a world facing major challenges, we also need individuals who can provide solutions through new ventures. Large corporations, too, are in dire need of individuals that can lead and develop new income streams and new products and services. This stream focuses on the creation of venture opportunities, covering key components from the creation of the actual venture to the launch and establishment of the firm. It focuses on real impact and targets societies greatest challenges from a business perspective.

  • Those who want to scale-up a new venture with high impact
  • Those who have an interest in corporate entrepreneurship – working within a large organisation on innovation and new ventures
  • Use a toolkit of entrepreneurial skills to design new business ventures or solutions in existing enterprises
  • Analyse the role and process of innovation and entrepreneurship in an emerging market context.
  • Create and scale-up new ventures as independent start-ups or within an established organisation.
  • Entrepreneurship
  • New ventures for an existing company that needs to renew its market offering
  • Head of Business Innovation
  • Head of Business Development


  • Operations Management
  • Markets in Emerging Countries
  • Business, Government and Society
  • Organisational Leadership and Values
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Leadership
  • Organisational Behaviour and People Management
  • Research Methods
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Social Innovation and Entrepreneuring 
  • Business Model Innovation Lab 
  • Strategy
  • Company Analysis
  • Research Report

The Venture Launch is appropriate for students, that are, or want to develop both for-profit and non-profit scale-ups. By the end of the course, teams will have developed, prototyped, and verified a novel product or service which could be developed further into a high impact firm. This is a demanding course that pushes students but provides the resources to help them navigate the challenges of implementing an early-stage scale-up idea. The course is also part of the e-track and gives you access to investors, office space and expert partners within law, investments and strategy. Even individuals/teams that decide not to continue with their ventures after the course will learn critical and broadly applicable techniques about starting and launching a venture.


Associate Professor Mikael Samuelsson

Dr Samuelsson is the founder of three business incubators/accelerators and has extensive experience from technology transfer and tech start-ups, as a founder, CEO and investor. Between 1997 and 2014 he served as the CEO for SSE business labs, with prominent start-ups such as Klarna a so-called Unicorn, valued to over 1 Billion USD. His start-up experience ranges from life science companies such as Spatial Transcriptomics to fast moving consumer goods. In addition, Dr Samuelsson has been part of the development processes for the Swedish governmental programs in entrepreneurship since 2004.